The forum is a place to discuss all matters pertaining to the Sri Lankan's Overseas, we strongly encourage you to contribute your thoughts and opinions on the questions on it and engage in dialogue with other participants. Your ideas and suggestions will go into the final documents that we develop.

Do you think the Government of Sri Lanka does enough to engage with the Sri Lankan community living abroad?
Posted on November 11, 2015 at 6:07 am

Has your experience with the Sri Lankan embassies abroad been a positive one? Do you feel connected to Sri Lanka through the Sri Lankan embassies in your country? Have you engaged with any other Government body as the Sri Lankan community abroad?

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As a Sri Lankan living overseas, if you were to return to Sri Lanka permanently, what would be your concerns?
Posted on at 6:01 am

What would encourage you to resettle in Sri Lanka, and what would you consider to be obstacles?

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What are the best ways for Overseas Sri Lankans to engage with their country of origin?
Posted on at 5:57 am

Should the engagement happen at the political level, via business and investment, cuture and arts, education and volunteering etc. What are the pros and cons of these approaches?

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